Paul Feig Confirmed for GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot

Revamp now has a writer and director…

‘Bridemaids’ director Paul Feig is officially set to step behind the camera for a female-centric revamp of ‘Ghostbusters’ for Sony Pictures.

According to THR, Feig came on board to rejuvenate the project in August, but his involvement came with a twist: the Ghostbusters would now be a female team and the project would no longer be connected to the earlier movies, instead launching a new series.

Joining Feig for the long-gestating film is Katie Dippold, an improvisational comedian and screenwriter who previously collaborated with Feig on the Sandra Bullock/Melissa Mccarthy buddy action comedy ‘The Heat.’

Following THR’s piece, Feig confirmed the news via Twitter:

Previous attempts to revamp the supernatural action comedy had the intent to bring back the original team of Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, and Harold Ramis. However, script setbacks, Murray’s unwillingness and the passing of Ramis resulted in the project stalling.

Feig and Feigco Entertainment partner Jessie Henderson will executive produce the reboot with original director Iva Reitman on board to co-produce.