Noam Murro Directing Bank Heist Thriller BLINK

Production slated for summer…

Noam Murro (‘300: Rise of an Empire,’ ‘Smart People’) will take the director’s chair for the The Black List script bank heist thriller ‘Blink.’

Penned by Hernany Perla, the thriller follows a man who, years after being left fully paralyzed during an infamous, unsolved bank robbery, is taken hostage for the secrets in his head. With only the use of his eyes, he has to outwit his captors and solve the mystery of the heist.

Murro is expected to get the camera rolling this summer, with Atlas Independent’s William Green and Aaron Ginsburg producing with Atlas Entertainment’s Jake Kurily.

“I’m excited to be collaborating with Atlas Independent in realizing this world and its unconventional hero,” said Murro. “Hernany has written a thrilling script. It’s a story about a unique individual who finds himself reinvigorated after he’s forced into this incredible life-threatening scenario.”