New 4minute WallE Featurette

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We assume everyone out there is excited about ‘Wall-E’ (if not what are you, a robot!?). Well for those of you with hearts, a new four-minute featurette has been released with Andrew Stanton talking us through what’s sure to be one of this summer’s smash hit films.

Andrew Stanton, who previously worked on ‘A Bug’s Life’ and ‘Finding Nemo’, wrote and directed ‘Wall-E’, which comes to Irish cinemas this summer.

You can check out the feature below.

EXTRAs: Jim Reardon left his position as supervising director of  ‘The Simpsons’  to do animation on Wall-e. Appearing on the audio commentary for his episode ‘Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo’, Reardon finally confirmed the title of the film he was working on – prior to that he would only say that it was due in 2008.