Movie Wars Button Vs Gump

Which Eric Roth movie will emerge victorious – pits The Curious Case of Benjamin Button vs. Forrest Gump

been dubbed “The Curious Case of Forrest Gump” by critics – but which
is the better movie – Robert Zemeckis’ Oscar winning “Forrest Gump” or
David Fincher’s Oscar nominated “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. pits the two Eric Roth films head to head in our Movie Wars. 


so this one is a tough call – both directors have proven their worth
behind a camera – but in the case of Button vs. Gump – it’s Button that
wins for technical achievement. David Fincher manages to perfectly
marry this  compelling story with spectacular visual effects
achievement. He didn’t want to do the film unless the technology
allowed one actor to play the role throughout the course of the film.
Remarkably, they were able to achieve this superimposing Brad Pitt’s
face and eyes into all the incarnations of Ben Button. In one sequence,
Pitt looks just like he did in Thelma and Louise, which is sure to
please the ladies…

Button:1, Gump: 0



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