Michael Dwyers Film Quiz

The Irish Times Film Critic has a movie quiz book out this week, try your luck with one of Michael’s quizzes here…

Michael Dwyer’s ‘Film Quiz Book: Irish, Hollywood and World Cinema’ is in shops this week. Michael is the film editor and long standing film critic of the Irish Times. He has been  writing on film for close to thirty years and by his own admission was practically born in a cinema.


This is the first book by the renowned film critic, and promises to bring some brain-racking fun to homes across Ireland. Whether you harbour a secret passion for the glitz of Bollywood, know every line from The Sound of Music, or desire nothing more than a good old testosterone-fuelled shoot ‘em up; this book is sure to whittle out the anoraks in your household! With a strong, but not exclusively, Irish content, Michael Dwyer’s Film Quiz Book is the ultimate test of our cinema-loving nation…

We have a sneak peak from the book below, try out these 10 questions from the ‘Author! Author!’ chapter, the answers can be found on page 2.



Identify the actors who wrote these autobiographical books:


1. *I Am Not Spock*


2. *Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins*


3. *Send Yourself Roses: Thoughts on My Life, Love and Leading Roles*


4. *Bring on the Empty Horses*


5. *My Wicked, Wicked Ways*


6. *In the Arena: An Autobiography*


7. *My Name Escapes Me: The Diary of a Retiring Actor*


8. *The Ragman’s Son*


9. *Steps in Time*


10. *Vanity Will Get You Somewhere*



BONUS QUESTION: Name the Oscar-winning actor who played a playwright in *Author! Author!* (1982), from which this round of questions takes its title.



For The Answers Visit Page 2 – Click Here