Michael Dougherty calls All Robots

The father, the mother and their three kids live at the outskirts of a city. There is a tall fence surrounding the house. The kids have never been outside that fence. They are being reared in the manner that their parents deem appropriate, without any influence from the outside world. The only person allowed to enter the house is Christina. She works as a security guard at the father’s business. The father arranges her visits to the house in order to appease the sexual urges of the son. The whole family is fond of her, especially the eldest daughter. One day Christina gives her as a present a headband that has stones that glow in the dark and asks for something in return.

Michael Dougherty has signed on to a new sci-fi animation titled “Calling All Robots,”


The scribe plans to direct using the same type of performance capture technology recently deployed to produce “Beowulf.” Dougherty will pen the project with Breehn Burns and Simeon Wilkins, who will serve as artists and visual designers on the project.


Details of the project are  being kept quiet but it is reported that the film uses performance capture to “tell a story that’s a throwback to old Godzilla movies”. 


TIDBIT: Dougherty  previously penned “X2: X-Men United”  and “Superman Returns,” both of which Bryan Singer helmed.