Michael Caton-Jones Finds THE GIANT UNDER THE SNOW

Acclaimed filmmaker set for fantasy epic…

Michael Caton-Jones (‘Rob Roy,’ ‘Scandal,’ ‘This Boy’s Life,’ ‘The Jackal,’ ‘Memphis Belle’) is stepping behind the camera to direct a live-action fantasy epic based on John Gordon’s children’s novel ‘The Giant Under the Snow.’

Published in 1968, the novel follows three children who accidentally find an old, buried relic. However, this is a terrible find – a very dangerous one – as the rusty old relic contains enormous, terrifying power – and it plunges the three children into a dark world of ancient power and almost unstoppable evil.

The kids have to learn to face and overcome their own problems and fears and bond together to confront an ancient, evil Warlord and his army of rotting, undead Leathermen, hell-bent on destroying the world they know.

In a race against time, the children must summon all the courage they can and return the ancient relic back to its rightful owner – the beautiful white witch Elizabeth Goodenough – for whoever possesses the relic can awaken the huge, legendary Giant Under The Snow and use him as a force for good…. or unspeakable evil.

The film, budgeted at €27 million, will shoot at Pinewood and Shepperton studios and at U.K. locations. Caton-Jones is developing the screenplay with Tom Williams (‘Chalet Girl,’ ‘Kajaki’).