Mel Gibson returns for Darkness

When Churchill said we’d fight the Nazis on beaches, landing grounds, fields, streets and hills, he left out the church-yard, manorhouse, pub and village-green. But in this stirring, startlingly violent (for its time) masterwork of WW2 propaganda, that’s exactly where the plucky locals of Bramley End engage the enemy. Inspired by a Graham Greene short story, this is a true hidden gem of our national cinema.

Mel Gibson will star in ‘Edge of Darkness,’ marking his first starring role in a feature film since he headlined ‘Signs’ and ‘We Were Soldiers’ in 2002.

Martin Campbell will direct the feature adaptation of the six-hour 1985 BBC miniseries, which Campbell also helmed.

The script, written by William Monahan, will see Gibson play a straitlaced police investigator whose activist daughter is killed. He plunges into the case and uncovers systemic corruption that led to his daughter’s death.

At a time when supposedly proven stars aren’t translating to opening weekends, films that Gibson starred in and directed have grossed north of $5 billion worldwide.

EXTRAs: Director Martin Scorsese sent Gibson the script for The Departed, offering him an unspecified role in the film. Gibson was unable to accept the role as he was starting production on Apocalypto that same year.