McG Talks Terminator

McG talks Arnie, Terminator and more at Comic Con 2008.

Comic Con draws to a close and it seems McG has won the fanboys over with his promise of a faithful Terminator sequel. The vid interview below shows the director talking about the upcoming sequel (as well as a questionable attempt at the moonwalk):

You can check out the posters and models from the film here. Discussing the film, the director also alluded to the following:

(1)The next trailer will debut with Quantum of Solace.

(2)The film is not a definite PG-13 at this time (they have the studio’s blessing should it turn into an R-rated affair).

(3)The film will end on a cliffhanger.

(4)It will be dedicated to Stan Winston.

(5)McG says this film will show us the “becoming of Skynet.”



(6)McG said he was very influenced by Children of Men when it came to designing this post-apocalyptic environment.