Mary Queen Of Scots Comes To Ireland

In 1975, an unpopular Japanese punk band called “Gekirin” (Wrath) starts work on their third album. Unfortunately the band is a little ahead of its time; punk won’t be marketable until the Sex Pistols debut in the UK the following year. Due to nonexistent sales, their record company decides to drop them and they break up soon after recording their final song: “Fish Story”. In 2012 a huge comet can be seen in the sky on a path to destroy Earth. The U.S. has failed in their attempt to blow it up and with only five hours left before impact, all major city streets are completely abandoned. That is, except for one record store that continues business as usual. Within the store, “Fish Story” can be heard playing on an old turntable.

Producers of upcoming feature ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ are in final talks for the period drama to shoot on location in Ireland.

The film, to be co-produced by Ireland’s Element Pictures, is hoped to shoot here for six to seven weeks, followed by a three-week shoot in Scotland.

‘Mary Queen of Scots’ will tell the story of the Catholic ruler who was beheaded when she was 42 for trying to take the English throne from her Protestant cousin Elizabeth I. Scarlett Johansson will reportedly play the title role in the film. Johansson can currently be seen in the Tudors drama film ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’.

Writer McGovern is in Ireland this week attending the Celtic Media Festival.

Production on ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ will begin in  the late summer 2008.

EXTRAs: Ridley Scott was originally attached to produce and direct ‘Mary Queen of Scots’.