Martin Scorsese & Matthew Michael Carnahan Circling THE SNOWMAN

Director to return to the thriller genre.

Variety reports that Martin Scorsese is in early talks to helm an adaption of Jo Nesbø’s bestselling mystery novel ‘The Snowman.’ The trade adds that ‘World War Z’ and ‘State of Play’ screenwriter Matthew Michael Carnahan is in talks to adapt the screenplay for Scorsese.

Set in Oslo, Nesbø’s novel, the seventh entry in the author’s series about detective Harry Hole, concerns a missing woman whose pink scarf is found wrapped around an ominous-looking snowman. The detective discovers that the crime may be the work of a serial killer.

British production company Working Title will be producing, with Nesbø and Niclas Salomonsson on board as executive producers.

Scorsese’s ‘Hugo’ opens in Irish cinemas in December. The family adventure flick stars Asa Butterfield, Chloe Moretz, Jude Law, Emily Mortimer, Christopher Lee, Ben Kingsley, Ray Winstone, Richard Griffiths and Sacha Baron Cohen,.