Mark Nevedine Talks CRANK 3

The unstoppable Chev Chelios will be back.

While out promoting ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,’ Mark Neveldine, one half of the adrenaline-fuelled directing duo Neveldine/Taylor, talked to Empire and revealed some brief details the duo has for ‘Crank 3.’

On the possibility that Idris Elba, who stars in the duo’s ‘Ghost Rider’ sequel, would be involved on the third movie:

“I would LOVE that! Actually, we joking-but-not-quite-jokingly joked about that with Idris while we were over in Romania and Turkey. Just trying to figure out a way of getting him into ‘Crank 3.’ There are so many different ways that ‘Crank 3’ could go. We’ve been talking about the top 50 ideas we what to do for ‘Crank 3,’ so we’re just trying to pair them down. By the way, ‘Crank 3’ is going to happen, the studios are really excited about it – it’s just all about timing.”

But how could a third outing happen, given how the last movie ended, would Jason Statham be back as Chev Chelios?

“[Laughs] That alone, we have 20 ways to tackle it. You know, with ‘Crank,’ basically, you insert another quarter and you play the game again. It’s kind of like what thrills me and Brian [Taylor], it’s whatever we feel like doing there in the moment, whatever we wanna do, we just do and make it happen. The important thing is what powers Chev. It was adrenaline that kept him alive in the first one, it was electricity in the second one, you know, it’s all about what will keep him alive in the third one. It’s just fun slinging those ideas around.”

‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’ roars into Irish cinemas February 2012.