Made Of Honour The Survival Guide

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Are you a soon to be bridesmaid? Want to make sure you’re left with the Amy Adams bride of ‘Enchanted’ as opposed to the Uma Thurman bride of  ‘Kill Bill’? If so, ‘Made of Honour’ is the movie for you, complete with all tips you’ll need to survive her special day.

‘Made of Honour’ stars  Patrick Dempsey (Enchanted, Grey’s Anatomy) as Tom.  For Tom , life is good: he’s sexy, successful, has great luck with the ladies, and knows he can always rely on Hannah (Michelle Monaghan), his delightful best friend and the one constant in his life. It’s the perfect setup until Hannah goes overseas to Scotland on a six-week business trip… and Tom is stunned to realize how empty his life is without her. He resolves that when she gets back, he’ll ask Hannah to marry him – but is floored when he learns that she has become engaged to a handsome and wealthy Scotsman and plans to move overseas. When Hannah asks Tom to be her “maid” of honor, he reluctantly agrees to fill the role… but only so he can attempt to woo Hannah and stop the wedding before it’s too late.

The film hits Irish theatres this Friday (May 2nd), but check out the Made of Honour Survival Guide and trailer below.


(1)Remember – you are personal assistant, diplomat, fashion consultant, therapist and most importantly, trusted friend.

(2)Feeling stressed? Put yourself in her shoes and blame society rather than her for putting such emphasis on one day.

(3)Keep an event sheet with all the contact details for cab, hairdresser, best man, bridesmaid on it for emergencies.

(4)Help keep costs down for yourself and the other bridesmaids. Can you hire dresses or club together for a spa day as the hen night?

(5)Be honest – and tactful. If the costs are spiraling or the bride is making unpopular suggestions, be the voice of reason – but don’t take it personally if your advice is ignored!

Do something personal and heartfelt for a gift, like ordering a personalised book or canvas artwork out of old photos.

(7)Stuck with a bridezilla? Don’t get angry, get planning your own wedding day – and the revenge you will be serving cold!

(8)Smile, smile, smile! From the day you are asked to fulfill this crucial job right up until the reception photos, be positive and optimistic (and you may even feel it!)

(9)From hen night to reception, don’t drink too much and keep an eye on the bridesmaids – it’s your job to ensure the photos are joyful to look at, not embarrassing!

(10)Ensure you have the following items on you at all times. You may wish to consider a Batman style utility belt: · Makeup Kit · Hand Mirror · Hair Spray · Nail file · Nail Glue · Deodorant ·   Toothpaste ·Curling Iron/straightener · Hairspray · Dress Shields · Bobby Pins · Extra Nylons · Clear Fingernail Polish · Polish Remover · Kleenex · Band aids · Super glue · Needle/Thread · Scissors · Safety Pins · Straight Pins · Aspirin · Breath mints · Double sided Tape · Party feet · Lip gloss

Check Out the Trailer, just click play!

‘Made Of Honour’ is in Irish Cinemas Friday, May 2nd.