Lily Rabe to Play Silent Film Star Mary Pickford

Jude Law being sought for the role of Douglas Fairbanks.

It has been announced the Lily Rabe (‘American Horror Story,’ ‘What Just Happened’) has been tapped to portray silent film star and pioneering Hollywood producer Mary Pickford in an as-yet-untitled biopic.

Producers Jennifer DeLia and Julie Pacino of Poverty Row Entertainment are reportedly courting Jude Law to play legendary actor Douglas Fairbanks, who was one of Pickford’s three husbands. The couple, together with Charlie Chaplin and filmmaker D.W. Griffiths, formed United Artists studios. Pickford was one of 36 people involved with the creation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

The screenplay is being penned by Josh Fagin, based on Eileen Whitfield’s biography, ‘Pickford: The Woman Who Made Hollywood.’ Production is expected to kick off early 2013.