Knowing Trailer Online

Nic Cage and Alex Proyas team up for ‘Knowing’

The first official trailer to the pic ‘Knowing’ has hit the web.

Helmed by sci fi director Alex Proyas, (The Crow, Dark City and I, Robot), ‘Knowing’ sees Nic Cage play the father of a young boy who takes home a piece of paper dug up from a time capsule that’s been buried for 50 years.

Seemingly just a jumble of nonsensical numbers, Cage realises that the paper is actually a code, which reveals the dates, and death tolls, of every single major disaster around the world since the time capsule was buried.

With many atrocities to come, Cage tries to stop them, while somehow winding up in the middle of it all. But how do you stop something if you know when it’s coming, but not where?

Check out the trailer below: