Kevin Kline Takes Two Roles in Charlie Kaufman’s FRANK OR FRANCIS

Kline lands dual supporting roles in musical indie.

Variety has confirmed reports that Kevin Kline has signed up for Charlie Kaufman‘s ‘Frank Or Francis,’ joining Jack Black, Steve Carell and Nicolas Cage.

The project, a satire of Hollywood set to music, chronicles the back-and-forth between Frank, a successful, somewhat pretentious filmmaker and Francis, a charmless yet extremely intelligent Internet troll who delights in berating the director’s cinematic talent. Cage will portray The Emcee, an actor famous for commercial, high-concept films including his most recent hit, ‘Fat Dad.’

Kline will be playing Richard Waller, the brother of fictional filmmaker Jonathan Waller, whose film ‘Hiroshima’ is the highest-grossing movie of all-time. As for Kline’s other role, he will, per Variety, “also play Richard’s Head, an animatronic head that, through the use of advanced screenwriting techniques, helps Jonathan develop a completely inoffensive product that will have the broadest possible appeal and zero artistic integrity.”