John Hillcoat Has HONOR FOR SALE

John Hillcoat (‘Triple Nine,’ ‘The Road,’ ‘Lawless’) is attached to direct an adaptation of former police officer Gerald E. Kelly’s book ‘Honor for Sale: The Darkest Chapter in the History of New York’s Finest,’ says Variety.

The book is set from 1969 to 1976 and recounts the theft of 500 pounds of narcotics from the NYPD’s Property Clerk’s office — including some of the heroin seized during the famed “French Connection” case. The case baffled top local and federal investigator, who remained certain that the thieves involved were cops.

Kelly’s story focuses on several corrupt SIU (Special Investigations Unit) detective who reportedly replaced suitcases of drugs with flour during various visits to the Property Room over three years.

Harrison Query is on board to adapt the screenplay for Hillcoat, with Brian Oliver of Cross Creek Pictures and Atmosphere Entertainment’s Mark Canton producing.