Jameson Film Festival The Verdict

A documentary film crew follows the first carbon neutral, organic, vegetarian expedition ever to attempt the North Pole. Simultaneously Saving the Planet and getting into the Guinness Book of Records Brian and Mark hope to kill two birds with one stone. Unfortunately, they have never done anything like this before.

Dublin’s biggest film festival came to an end this Sunday with the closing gala film, Declan Recks’ highly anticipated big-screen adaptation of Eugene O’Brien’s stage play, ‘Eden’ .  The sixth Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is arguably one of the greatest successes for the Dublin film scene (not to mention their sponsors Jameson) in recent years.

The choice of films at this year’s festival surpassed expectations with a wide choice of national cinemas, co-productions, shorts and, of course, home grown talent. With all festivals getting to see everything you want is near impossible. We’ve put together a list of  Must-Sees over the coming months.


Our top five are as follows:


There Will Be Blood
Paul Thomas Anderson’s fifth and latest film; the audience loved it and the Day-Lewis’ Q&A after the screening went down a treat.   Fortunately the film will be released this Friday, don’t miss it (or our interview with actor Daniel Day-Lewis himself, click here to read)


In Bruges
A light hearted and rather unusual mob comedy, this film is distinctly Irish, even if it was made elsewhere. Farrell and Gleeson, strange as it might sound, have a natural chemistry throughout. The film will be released in Ireland March 7th.


My Brother Is An Only Child
Slow to begin but as the story progresses you’ll fall in love with this all Italian cast. The film, set in the ‘60s and ‘70s, takes us through the lives of two brothers with diverging political views (not to mention personalities). It may be a simple story, but the characters and the typical Italian humour won the audience over. The film gets its Irish release April 9th.


The Orphanage (El Orfanato)
Playing to a packed house this film had festival goers shrieking in fright. The basic fear factor of this horror – that ghostly children are always terrifying, may not be original, but the excellent performances (particularly from Belen Rueda) and the spot on scares make this a superior horror. The film has an expected Irish release date of March 21st.


Mister Lonely

A French co-production, this English language film is the story of various impersonators living in the highlands as told from the perspective of a Michael Jackson impersonator. The film, by ‘Kids’ scriptwriter Harmony Korine, deals with a variety of issues from religion to identity to celebrity and so on. The highlight however is the second, relatively autonomous, plot of nuns surviving after jumping from planes without parachutes (with a frantic Werner Herzog as the priest leading them on this astonishing miracle). Simply put: fantastic. The film has an Irish release of March 14th