Jack Reacher Headed To Screen

History of Violence Scribe hired to pen ‘One Shot’.

Oscar nominated scribe Josh Olson has been hired to adapt the book ‘One Shot’ for the big screen.


Written by Lee Child, ‘One Shot’ is part of a series of suspense novels about Jack Reacher, an ex-Army policeman. In this the ninth book in the series, we follow the Dirty Harry-like homicide investigator  Reacher, who seeks the truth behind what seems like an open-and-shut murder case after a trained military sniper is arrested for shooting five random victims.


“I had just finished watching the first two Dirty Harry movies on Blu-ray,” Olson said. “And I thought, ‘No one’s making movies like that anymore.’ It coincided perfectly. It’s just the kind of movie that I haven’t seen in a while. It’s a tough, smart, action-oriented thriller.”


Olson previously wrote the scripts for ‘Instinct to Kill’ and ‘A History of Violence, and is setup to write and direct an adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s short story ‘Until Gwen.’