IRON SKY Sequel In Development

The Moon Nazis will return…

The filmmaking team behind last year’s ‘Iron Sky,’ are planning a sequel to the sci-fi comedy, and like the first film they will target crowd-funding sources to kick off financing.

Using the crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo, director Timo Vuorensola reveals that the intention is to finance the project themselves, using the crowd-sourced money to produce a script and promo reel for the sequel: ‘Iron Sky The Coming Race.’

“We want to go darker, we want to go crazier, we want to be more experimental. We believe it’s going to be the most awesome science fiction film of the decade,” said Vuorensola.

The first draft of the script is expected to ready by the end of the year with the Finnish director aiming to have the promo reel ready for Cannes 2014. Vuorensola and his producers are planning to shoot ‘Iron Sky The Coming Race’ in 2015.