Iron Man New footage released

A high school French teacher gives her class a translation exercise based on a real news story about a terrorist who plants a bomb in the airline luggage of his pregnant girlfriend. The assignment has a profound effect on one student, Simon, who lives with his uncle. In the course of translating, Simon re-imagines that the news item is his own family’s story, with the terrorist standing in for his father. Years ago, Simon’s father crashed the family car, killing both himself and his wife, making Simon an orphan. Simon has always feared that the accident was intentional. Simon reads his version to the class and then takes it to the Internet. In essence, he has created a false identity which allows him to probe his family secret. As Simon uses his new persona to journey deeper into his past, the public reaction is swift and strong. Then an exotic woman reveals her true identity. The truth about Simon’s family emerges. The mystery is solved and a new family is formed.

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming ‘Iron Man’ movie and if its anything to go by, the film looks like a rollercoaster ride. The clip of Robert Downey Jr as the cocky Tony Stark only serves to further the idea that this was a brilliant piece of casting (who in Hollywood is cockier than Robert anyway?)

Thankfully, they’ve seem to have managed to keep it fun  (always good to get a balance between comedy and action in comic adaptation, take Spiddy 2 as a great example of this). The scene between Stark and Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) will no doubt get laughs and work well on a general audience. Die Hard ‘Iron Man’ fans can also delight at their first glimpse of Obadiah Stane. We’ve included the clip below; make sure to check it out!


‘Iron Man’ opens in Ireland on May 2nd