Iron Man 2 Details

Jon Favreau reveals details of Iron Man 2 via live web chat

Iron Man director Jon Favreau has indicated that there may be a number of antagonists in the upcoming sequel.


Speaking via a live web chat, the helmer remarked that his take on supervillain Mandarin “allows us to incorporate the whole pantheon of villains”.


Favreau revealed a number of other tidbits about the sequel to summer smash hit:


On the release date: “The date is daunting. We are making much faster progress than the first time around and have much less to design and fewer casting issues. I am confident that 2010 is achievable if we continue working together as we have for the past few months. It has to be great, though. It has to be great.”


On the film’s progress: “I’m working with Justin [Theroux]. Justin is our writer. Robert Downey met him on Tropic Thunder. He’s writing the first draft of the script. I’m working with a story board artist. As well as designing the costumes for good guys and bad guys.”


On the continued role of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Sam Jackson as Fury: “S.H.I.E.L.D. is important to the franchise, and what is S.H.I.E.L.D. without Fury? We all came up with Sam [to play Fury]. I helped push for it.”

On Terrance Howard as War Machine: “We need War Machine. Agreed. Shoulder cannons and all.”


On the interrelationships of the Marvel Universe (and by extension, the possibility of an Avengers movie): “Avengers is going to be. Now that Marvel is making its own movies, every movie has to fit into the Marvel Universe. The Avengers incorporates not just Iron Man, but Thor possibly Hulk and traditionally Captain America as well. As it is scheduled, Thor will come out the same summer as Iron Man 2; Captain America will come out a few months before Avengers. All the films have to come together to create a consistent universe. I think its important for all filmmakers working for Marvel to collaborate so there is a consistency in the films, so yes they should keep in touch. I had not been in touch really with Louis Leterrier during Hulk and I think that would have been helpful. I hope to be in contact with directors in the future.”


On villains the possibility of Mandarin: “I think we need some version of ‘classic villains’ in these movies. Many don’t hold up well to time and to the big screen, but their essence should inspire the characters. Mandarin is still an important figure in the Iron Man universe. We have an interesting take on him that allows us to incorporate the whole pantheon of villains. The whole 10 rings thing in Iron Man was a good tease for it.”