Irish Film TV awards in row over awards joke

The IFTA awards seek written apology from the director of The Pipe

Risteard O’Domhnaill, director of Irish documentary ‘The Pipe’ has found himself in a war of words with the Irish Film & TV awards (IFTA) over a joke he made on stage while collecting his award last month.

When accepting the award O’Domhnaill used his speech to say “Thank you, Ifta. Although at 300 Euro a ticket, there’ll probably be one for everyone in the audience”.

According to the Press Association he has been asked to retract the pun made about the 300 euro price charged to him and each of his family members to attend last month’s ceremony at Spencer Dock conference centre.

Speaking of Ifta’s demand for a written apology the award winning director said “I fully appreciate the support Ifta has given me and the team, and I’ve thanked them for everything they have done for the film. But I don’t understand why an apology and retraction is needed? The tickets were €300 and we did have to buy them on behalf of family and crew members who I strongly felt deserved to be there”

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