Indiana Jones raids box office

Indy 4 a hit at the box office.

Paramount and Lucasfilms’ ‘Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull’ unearthed plenty of box office gold at the weekend, grossing an estimated $143m in the international marketplace and another $126m in North America.

Though it did not break any records, Crystal Skull will, if early estimates are confirmed, end up among the industry’s all-time top ten openers domestically, internationally and globally.

Paramount put the performance down to good reviews and a response from audiences of all ages to the first Indiana Jones sequel in 19 years.

The $143m international take came from 12,000 screens in over 8,300 locations in 56 markets, said Paramount Pictures International (PPI), with the film opening in many markets on Wednesday or Thursday.

It was the studio’s biggest international opening ever (easily beating the $102.5m start made by War of the Worlds in 2005) and the sixth biggest international opening of all time, ranking between Star Wars: Episode III and The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

The long-awaited fourth installment of the Lucasfilm-produced adventure franchise – with Steven Spielberg back in the directing chair, Harrison Ford returning as the title character and Cate Blanchett and Shia LaBeouf co-starring – topped local charts in all its major territories.

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