Hulk Helmer Talks Titans

Louis Leterrier Talks Clash Of The Titans

Hulk-helmer Louis Leterrier has spoken about his next big project ‘Clash of the Titans’.

In ‘Titans’ Perseus, the son of Zeus, must overcome a series of obstacles to save his beloved Princess Andromeda, including cutting off the serpent-tressed head of Medusa, who can turn a man to stone with a single glance.


You can check out the French interview here (with bullet points below!)

1.There will be a Kraken, but different from the original.

2.In the original there was no actual ‘clash’ of the ‘titans’, whereas in his film we will see it.

3.Despite reports, it will not be filmed like 300. It will be photo realistic and have a huge budget.

4.He wants to do a homage to special effects creator Ray Harryhausen, who will be part of the film.

5.Originally Stephen Norrington was on board to direct but didn’t want to make another League of Extraordinary Gentlemen so handed it over to Leterrier.

6.When selling himself to Warner Bros he said it could become a Greek mythology franchise.

7.Compares it to Star Wars, he doesn’t want to do a full remake, he wants to change the mythology.