Highschool Musical Blog

Go behind the scenes at East High in our new HSM Blog which will be packed with giveaways, interviews, games and more

There won’t be a movie this year that will divide audiences as much as High School Musical 3. While many film fans are horrified at the all singing, all dancing phenomenon others are billing it as the movie event of the year. Already advance ticket sales have been setting new records both here and in the UK, proving there is a massive audience out there for the franchise.

We have a lot of Highschool Musical content coming up over the next few weeks, so much that we thought we’d give it a dedicated blog which you can read in our blog section HERE.

Amongst the items we’ll be adding to the High School Musical 3 blog are Cast Interviews, Behind the Scenes Videos, Video Games, competitions, news items and much more…

High School Musical 3 will open at Irish cinemas on October 22nd