Gillian Jacobs Joins BURT WONDERSTONE

New addition to the Steve Carell and Jim Carrey-led comedy.

‘Community’ star Gilllian Jacobs has joined Steve Carell, Jim Carrey, James Gandolfini, Olivia Wilde, Brad Garrett and Steve Buscemi on the cast of the magician comedy ‘Burt Wonderstone.’

After breaking up with his long-time stage partner, a famous but jaded Vegas magician (Carell) fights for relevance when a new, “hip” street magician (Carrey) appears on the scene.

THR reports that Jacobs will play “a woman who meets Carell at one of his shows and hooks up with him.”

‘Burt Wonderstone’ is currently in production in Las Vegas and Los Angeles under the direction of Don Scardino (’30 Rock’).