Gibson sued over Passion Of The Christ script

Writer, Benedict Fitzgerald sues Gibson for breach of contract

It’s not the writer’s strike this time, it’s a full out writer’s lawsuit. Mel Gibson is back in the news today, this time under suspicion of fraud, reports Digital Spy.  Mel, the director of 2004’s religious epic ‘The Passion of the Christ’ is accused of unfair business practices and breach of contract by co-writer Benedict Fitzgerald. According to the lawsuit, Gibson “preyed monetarily” on him [Fitzgerald], “taking advantage of his unbridled enthusiasm for the project and with full cognizance of his fundamental personal and spiritual beliefs.

The writer claims he received only of $75,000 for his work which went on to gross $600 million worldwide. The lawsuit also indicates that Fitzgerald only received payment “because he permitted writing credit to be shared with Gibson.”

The lawsuit comes one week before Gibson arrives in Ireland to receive the first Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema Award at this year’s IFTAs.