George Clooney Heads Over To SUBURBICON

George Clooney and his frequent collaborators Joel and Ethan Coen (‘O Brother Where Art Thou?,’ ‘Intolerable Cruelty,’ ‘Burn After Reading’) have set their sights on their next project together. Deadline is hearing word that Clooney is in talks to step behind the camera for crime noir ‘Suburbicon.’

Featuring a script by the Coens, the drama described as “in the vein of the Coens’ breakout film Blood Simple, with this a small crime drama set in the 1950s.”

The project has been on the cards for a number of years, with word on the film first popping up back in 2005 when Clooney was busy working on ‘The Good German.’

Clooney’s latest collaboration with the Coen’s, ‘Hail, Caesar!,’ hits Irish cinemas February 26, 2016.