Five Great Easy As heads back to high school with five of its favourite ALPHA FEMALES…

Claire Standish (The Breakfast Club)



The quintessential 80’s high school movie queen – Claire Standish is beautiful, popular and rich. Though of course, this being a John Hughes film, the princess is less than happy with this life and learns many the life lesson over the course of her morning in detention ending up kissing the school hooligan played by Judd Nelson…maybe some lessons are best left well alone.

Tracy Flick (Election)



Tracy Flick certain isn’t your typical high school queen bee. Unpopular, a teacher’s pet (to put it politely) and dresses like a trainee nun. Despite all this, Tracy manages to wrap the whole school around her little finger thanks to a ruthlessness that would make any politician proud. An over-achiever to a psychotic degree who always gets what she wants while remaining truly unpopular; it’s inspirational really!


Kat Stratford (10 Things I Hate About You)



Kat Stratford is the perfect air-headed – manipulative, completely out of touch with the world outside her own bubble and in love with her Prada backpack. And as usual, she has managed to collect a legion of admirers in her wake who are willing to do anything for her. Which can be quite handy! In this case it’s Joseph Gordon Levitt who is the nice guy who’s got it bad and Kat takes advantage of this fact.


Regina George (Mean Girls)



Leader of the very exclusive group The Plastics, Regina George ruled the school with an iron fist; right down to deciding who can (herself) or can’t (her friend Gretchen) wear hoop earrings.. As outsider Damian says, Regina is fabulous…but evil!


Cher Horowitz (Clueless)



While Regina George rules her high school with an iron fist, Cher rules hers with the velvet glove. A serial trendsetter and match maker, she is something of an unusual character in that although she may get things hideously wrong sometimes, she always means well. Among the things she gets wrong of course is her outfits – most of the time she looks like Teen Barbie, long socks and all, though it was the early nineties! Still it shows just how much influence she has over her high school set when people are willing to follow her down such fashion dead ends.