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Depp and Burton, Fincher and Pitt – Movies.ie looks at the best actor/director combinations in Hollywood today.

With weather like this what else is there for movies.ie to do than stay indoors and settle down in front of the TV watching some DVD’s…lets face it its just too cold to go outside! After much arguing and debate we settled on the rib-tickling trilogy of Tropic Thunder, Step Brothers and Pineapple Express. After this laugh out loud marathon this writer started to think about just how many times the same actors seem to work with the same directors time and time again. This crossover seems to be happening more and more in the comedy genre especially with the creative talents of the Apatow, McKay and Stiller factions all-collaborating more frequently. Movies.ie decided to have some fun and look at our favourite director actor teams to emerge over recent years and what we think is their best film.

Johnny Depp – Tim Burton






It’s not just the sheer amount of times that these two have collaborated that’s amazing. What’s incredible is that the quality of their work has never fallen over time. From the fairytale beginning of Edward Scissorhands right up until Burton’s inevitable dark and twisted take on Alice and Wonderland these two continue to be Hollywood’s most popular and creative actor/ director team. Burton has frequently called Depp his on screen alter ego while it’s hard to imagine Depp being the superstar he is now had Burton not fought tooth and nail to get him the part of Edward Scissorhands. Boy are we glad he did! Sleepy Hollow, The Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and the sublime Ed Wood…some C.V eh?




Number of Films : 7

Best film : Edward Scissorhands