Feature The Lightweights Guide To Scary Movies

Did Ringu have you ringing your mother, was The Descent too much for you? For all you closet horror lightweights, Movies.ie presents the PG guide to

Can’t handle your scary films? Afraid of your own shadow? Do you hide under the covers when the scary part is about to happen? Not everyone is able to handle the horror genre, and if you are one of them then don’t check out any of the films in our top ten ultimate horror films but don’t worry, there is something for everyone! We count down the top 5 non-scary horror films, so if you go as white as a sheet when something pops out from behind a corner or scream when the monster appears, then be sure to check these lightweight films out…




5. Nightmare Before Christmas – directed by Tim Burton





The inspiration for a lot of angst ridden teens, but don’t hold it against the film. The Nightmare Before Christmas, is a feel good musical horror from Tim Burton – it’s a good watch for both Halloween and Christmas. With frightening characters, vampires, werewolves, witches and even the Boogey Man! Jack Skeleton, the pumpkin king is bored with the same old Halloween and with the help of some nightmarish creatures, he is going to organise a very special Christmas, one, we are sure not to forget.


4. The Witches – directed by Nicholas Roeg





Roald Dahl’s work comes to life on the big screen. When a little boy stumbles across a witches convention, and is turned into a mouse, he is determined to let nothing stop him on his quest to stop the evil witches! A film many of us recall from her childhood, its sure to bring back memories of being scared of Angelica Huston and her menacing witch ways.

3. The Sixth Sense – directed by M. Night Shyamalan





Toni Colette, Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment star in this M. Night Shyamalan film, that you are sure to have in your collection, so pull it out for Halloween! When a mother begins to lose hope in finding help for her disturbed son she turns to a psychologist to help find the answers to what causes him so much pain. What is uncovered is a secret that will shock you to your core, (unless you have seen it already) with more twists than a curly fry, Shyamalan creates a chilling and tense story.


2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show – directed by Jim Sharman





‘I see you shake and quiver with antici……..pation!’ The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic! Aliens, motorcycles, transvestites, maids and butlers and a very strange Doctor! What more does a film need? How about Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon? When Brad and Janet’s car breaks down, they seek help from the residents of a spooky castle, what they find is not assistance but strange aliens from the planet Transexual and a mad scientist intent on creating the perfect man…for more than scientific endeavours…

1. Hocus Pocus – directed by Kenny Ortega





Three hundred years ago, Bette Midler Sarah Jessia Parker and Kathy Najimy were turned into stone for being witches, no wait that was characters they played! In Hocus Pocus, the children of Salem are under attack from some seriously bad witches, and I don’t mean evil, they are the worst witches ever, that is until they get their hands on a powerful book containing the answers on getting all their power back. Midler is amazing as the ghastly Winnie and Parker plays the dimwitted Sarah (oops!) really well!




So now that you have this list, and once you’ve watched this lot then you are just about ready to tackle the ‘Top Ten Films Guaranteed To Give You Nightmares’…we dare you…!