Feature Stan Lee Cameos

Check out our salute to Stan Lee’s film cameos. It’s like ‘Where’s Wally’ but with more superheroes.

Anyone who knows anything about the world of superheroes knows Stan Lee. The former president of Marvel co-created many of today’s most famous heroes (from Spidey to the Hulk).


Recently the team here at Movies.ie returned for a second viewing of ‘Iron Man’. We noticed a little extra that escaped us the first time (other than Downey’s five minute homage to Burger King, subtle advertising wasn’t it?). We are, of course, talking of Stan Lee’s cameo. Lee is infamous for them, having appeared in the majority of his works.


In ‘Iron Man’, he appears in a Gala scene cavorting with three blonde babes. Our man Stark mistakes him for Hugh Hefner (a fair comparison, he is after all to Superheroes, what Hefner is to Superbabes).

To bring things back to cameos, we decided to rummage around for some classic Lee cameos and we came upon this little Stan Lee gem. Check it out:




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