Feature Meet the Mutants


Mutant Alias: AGENT ORANGE
Real Name: Christoph “Christopher” Nord

Known Abilities: A mutant with the power to absorb the kinetic energy of an impact within certain limits without injury to himself. Following the mutation of his powers, Zero must release the energy he absorbs and can channel it as blasts of concussive-corrosive energy via an acidic enzyme secreted from his fingertips. This enzyme was specifically designed by the Weapon X Program to counteract an opponent’s self-healing abilities by reversing the process so that the more an opponent attempts to heal an enzyme-inflicted wound, the worse it becomes. Zero is also able to channel absorbed energy into raw strength, allowing him to deliver blows ten times stronger than normal. Like other members of the Weapon X Program, Zero’s DNA contains an age-suppression factor that greatly retards his aging process. Subsequent modification by the Program has removed all discernible scent from his body. Agent Zero is a deadly hand-to-hand combatant, a precision marksman, and an expert in covert operations and demolitions. He also has vast experience with computers and communications equipment