Feature Bond Quiz

Fancy yourself a Bond Buff? To celebrate the release of the 22nd Bond pic, Movies.ie presents 22 Bond questions to prove your 007 worth.

Fancy yourself a Bond Buff ? Think you now all there is to know about Bond, the babes, the gadgets and villains? As Daniel Craig once again prepares to don the tuxedo for the 22nd Bond movie ‘Quantum of Solace, test your knowledge of 007 old and new and discover if you really are licensed to kill….

1. In “Licence to Kill”, what beauty contest was rigged by Franz Sanchez so that Lupe Lamora would win?

a) Miss Galaxy

b) Miss Universe

c) Miss Columbia

2. In “Tomorrow Never Dies”, Wai Lin infiltrates the launch party of Elliot Carver’s satellite news network posing as an employee of what company?

a) The Shanghai Wire Service

b) The BBC

c) The New China News Agency

3. In “Casino Royale”, what special piece of jewelry does Vesper Lynd wear?

a) A French “promise” ring

b) An Algerian love-knot necklace

c) A Ugandan allegiance pin


4. In “Goldfinger”, how does Jill Masterson die?

a) A poisonous snake bite

b) Skin asphyxiation (being painted head to toe)

c) Her throat crushed by Oddjob’s hat

5. In “The Living Daylights”, what is the name of Kara Milovy’s cello?

a) The Lady Rose

b) The Queen’s Revenge

c) The Virgin Promise

6. True or False – In “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, Bond was married.




7. In “Octopussy”, who was Octopussy’s father?

a) Kamal Khan

b) General Orlov

c) Major Dexter Smythe

8. In “From Russia With Love”, what type of decoder is Bond after?

a) The SPECTRE Decoder

b) The Lektor Decoder

c) The Klebb Decoder

9. In “Dr. No”, what calypso song is Honey Ryder singing when Bond first catches her eye?

a) The Banana Boat Song

b) Underneath the Mango Tree

c) Rum and Cola

10. In “Live And Let Die”, what does Bond send Solitaire to convince her to sleep with him?

a) A tarot deck full of Lovers cards

b) His gun

c) A voo-doo doll of him

11. In “A View To A Kill”, in what field of science is Stacey Sutton an expert?

a) Nuclear Physics

b) Geology

c) Molecular Biology

12. In “Octopussy”, what is Agent 009 wearing when he dies?

a) A spacesuit

b) A clown costume

c) A nuclear detonator


13. In “From Russia With Love”, who does Turkish station head Kerim Bey employ as his agents?

a) Twin female gypsies

b) Circus performers

c) His sons


14. In “Thunderball”, how does British secret agent Paula Caplan die?

a) She’s drowned

b) A lethal signal sent into her earpiece

c) Suicide by cyanide

15. In “For Your Eyes Only”, who was the mistress of Greek smuggler Milos Columbo?

a) Countess Lisl Von Schlaf

b) Melina Havelock

c) Jacoba Brink

16. In “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, what other title is briefly held by Corsican crime syndicate chief Marc Draco?

a) Italian Ambassador to Russia

b) Bond’s father-in-law

c) Double agent

17. In “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, who kills Bond’s wife Tracy Draco?

a) Irma Blunt, Blofeld’s henchwoman

b) Swiss lawyer Gebruder Gumbold

c) Smuggler Aris Kristatos

18. In “Die Another Day”, Damian Falco is the tough, cynical chief of what agency?

a) CIA

b) NSA


19. In “The Spy Who Loved Me”, at the Pyramids of Giza, what type of show is put on?

a) Son et Lumiere (Sound & Light)

b) A Mummification Ceremony

c) Camel racing

20. What happened to the WWII aircraft carrier on which Bond served?

a) It was dive bombed by a Messerschmitt

b) It was turned into a hotel/casino

c) It was sunk by a German U-boat

21. In “Licence To Kill”, who does Della Churchill marry in Key West?

a) DEA agent Hawkins

b) CIA agent Felix Leiter

c) Narcotics agent Kwang

22. In “Live And Let Die”, how does Bond deal with finding a snake in his bathroom?

a) He makes a flame-thrower with a can of aftershave and a cigar

b) He wraps it in his tuxedo jacket and returns it to room service

c) He strangles it with a phone cord