FAST AND FURIOUS 6 & 7 to be shot Back-to-Back?

Studio looking to shoot next two films consecutively.

Universal Pictures is reportedly so eager to move ahead with new installments of ‘Fast and Furious’ that the studio is considering shooting the sixth and seventh movies back-to-back.

According to The LA Times, screenwriter Chris Morgan, who wrote the last three films in the franchise, is currently working on ideas for a single story that will connect the two films. Justin Lin is expected to reprise his role as director for both installments.

While the sixth movie is slated for release May 2013, the consecutive shoot could result in the release date being pushed back as Lin wouldn’t have time to edit the sixth movie before shooting the seventh.

Shooting multiple films back-to-back is not a new tactic for Hollywood and is something that is slowly becoming commonplace, due to the fact it can significantly reduce the combined cost of the two films, while also minimizing scheduling issues. Paramount is believed to be eyeing the same tactic for the fourth and fifth ‘Transformers.’

The untitled sixth ‘Fast and Furious’ is expected to begin shooting in Europe in 2012.