Fan Interview Will Ferrell John C Reilly

Want to know when we’ll be seeing Anchorman 2? See what Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have to say as the comedy duo answer YOUR questions!

Meeting Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, it’s easy to see how these two middle-aged men can so easily step into the roles of Dale and Brennan in their latest comedy ‘Step Brothers’. The two pranksters, yes you guessed it, play stepbrothers Dale (Ferrell) and Brennan (Reilly). When their parents Nancy and Robert (played by the oddly cast but equally hilarious Nancy Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins) marry, the two serial slackers are forced to make it on their own.

As promised (we really do love you guys), brought YOUR questions to the comedy duo during their recent trip to Ireland. Here the two answer your questions about their Irish roots, their upcoming films, their take on Star Wars and that all important question “When will we see Anchorman 2?” – Ferrell gives us a date!

Check them out below:


Step Brothers is in Irish cinemas everywhere now!