Fact File Thomas Jane

With ‘The Mist’ opening this weekend, Movies.ie presents ten fascinating facts about its lead actor Thomas Jane.

Out Friday, is the latest tale from horror master Stephen King and screenwriter extraordinaire Frank Darabont.


For his third King feature adaptation, Darabont turns his attention to supernatural/horror story THE MIST. Thomas Jane plays David Drayton, who after a freak storm head to the local store to pick up supplies. Whilst there, an ominous mist rolls into town and while we’re not exactly sure what it is (or more accurately what it conceals), we know it’s not good…


With panicked screams coming from outside, the shoppers seal themselves in and wait in hopes the mist will pass. As the story progresses (and fears mount), we learn the truth of the mist and questions of responsibility arise: is this the fault of man, the hand of god? Soon factions emerge and we’re left wondering – who is the true monster of this tale?


But what do you know of the actor-director Thomas Jane? Movies.ie investigates.

(1)To fill the role of the Punisher, Jane had to put on between 20 to 40 pounds; he reportedly underwent brutal and rigorous work-out sessions to turn that into muscle weight, all for the role of ‘The Punisher’.


(2)While filming a knife fight scene in ‘The Punisher’, he accidentally stabbed Kevin Nash (well who wouldn’t?)


(3)The White Stripes are listed among his favourite bands.


(4)Is married to actress Patricia Arquette.


(5)He is half Irish, a quarter Italian and a quarter German.


(6)He co-created ‘Bad Planet’ comic book with Steve Niles (out now) and  ‘Alien Pig Farm 3000’ comic book (out now).

(7)Jane will make his directorial debut on the noir psychological thriller film ‘Dark Country’.


(8)He starred in two movies based on Stephen King’s novels: ‘Dreamcatcher’ and  ‘The Mist’.

(9)Is currently working on a script called ‘The Amateur Kind’; Jane describes it as a throwback action film suited to Lee Marvin. He hopes to direct the film next year.

(10)Recent pictures of Thomas Jane as Jonah Hex were finally confirmed to be legitimate. Thomas Jane told reporters that he had a friend do some test make up shots, because of his love for the script and the character.

See Thomas Jane in ‘The Mist’ from Friday; check out the trailer below: