Eastwood Eying Baseball Drama TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE

Legendary actor to return to acting?

He said ‘Gran Torino’ would be his last acting gig, but it appears that the legendary Clint Eastwood may be swayed from his “acting retirement” for the lead in ‘Trouble With The Curve.’

According to Deadline, the Randy Black penned screenplay “centers on an aging baseball scout, who’s losing his sight, and heads on a last road trip to Atlanta with his daughter to scout a hotshot prospect.”

The movie will mark the directorial debut of Robert Lorenz, Eastwood’s producing partner. Along with serving as executive producer on ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and ‘Blood Work,’ Lorenz has worked as an assistant director on over 20 films, including Eastwood’s ‘Mystic River,’ ‘Space Cowboys,’ and ‘True Crime.’