Doc Browne is Back

A brief but welcome return back to the future…

Christopher Lloyd has made some questionable decision in recent years- the most glaring being his decision to star in Pamela Anderson’s comedy show  ‘Stacked’. The good news is he’s returning to his most beloved role: Mad time travelling scientist, Dr Emmett Brown; more importantly however, is the news that there will NOT be a 4th ‘Back to the Future’ movie (breathe a sign of relief- after all, why ruin a classic trilogy?)

Writer/Director Robert Zemeckis, who is currently working on ‘A Christmas Carol’ for ’09, has no intention of reviving the franchise. Instead, Christopher Lloyd is resurrecting the persona of ‘Doc’ for a music video. R&B artist O’Neal McKnight is a massive BTTF fan and asked Lloyd to bring the doc back for his latest video, which sees him travel back and forth within his own lifetime

There is no current release date on the music video but you can view the making of it on this ‘Back To The Future’ fan site