DiCaprio Set for Adaptation of SATORI

Star attached to Bourne-style action franchise.

Warner Bros. has acquired Don Winslow’s bestselling novel ‘Satori’ with Leonardo DiCaprio attached to produce and star.

DiCaprio would play Nicholai Hel,a master assassin raised in Japan by a martial arts expert and a genius at the Japanese strategy game Go. After three years in solitary confinement for the murder of his master, Hel is sprung by the CIA after agreeing to assassinate the Soviet commissioner to China.

When he is betrayed by his backers, he relies on his Go skills for strategy, and makes his way through 1950s Vietnam hunted by American, Chinese, Russian and French intelligence agencies as well as a Corsican mob and Vietnamese criminal syndicate.

Deadline adds that the “sophisticated thriller” will be penned by Shane Salerno (‘Shaft,’ ‘Armageddon’).