Depp Does Dali

Three of Hollywood’s A-lister set to play surrealist painter

It seems it’s Salvador Dali season (no, not in the Museo del Prado but on the silver screen). Three Savador Dali flicks are in the works with Al Pacino and Peter O’Toole set to portray the painter in upcoming movie ‘Dali and I’ and ‘Goodbye Dali’ respectively.


It looks like Johnny Depp is eager to get in on the action with the former Pirate (not to mention murderous Barber) holding what have been described as ‘X-factor style’ auditions to find writers for his latest movie ‘Dali’.One source commented that : “He (Depp) is open to working with anyone – from housewives to pensioners – if the script is right.”


Dali, probably the most famous of all surrealist painters,  died of heart failure in 1989, aged 84 but who do you think is right for the part; Pacino, O’Toole, Depp?