David Schwimmer to Play Mob Killer in THE ICEMAN

Schwimmer circles the role of mob hitman.

Variety is reporting that ‘Friends’ star David Schwimmer is in negotiations to join the cast of mob-centric ‘The Iceman.’ He will be joining Michael Shannon, Ray Liotta, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ryan O’Nan (‘Eat Pray Love’). Benicio Del Toro and James Franco were previously linked to the project but have since left.

The indie film follows Richard “The Ice Man” Kuklinski (Shannon), the killer who led a double life as a professional assassin and a family man in suburban New Jersey. He earned his nickname by freezing the bodies of his victims, disguising the time of death, and throwing police off-track.

If a deal can be closed, Schwimmer would be playing Josh Rosenthal, a killer who works for and worships a mob boss played by Ray Liotta. Maggie Gyllenhaal will play Kuklinski’s unknowing wife, while O’Nan is set to co-star as a young hustler who gets caught up in the protag’s web of murder and deception.

Ariel Vromen will be helming the film, directing from a screenplay by Vromen and Morgan Land, who co-wrote the script based on Anthony Bruno’s book ‘The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer.’