Conan Gets Writers

Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain to redraft ‘Conan the Barbarian’.

Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain have been hired to redraft the script for barbarian epic Conan.

The film is based on Robert E. Howard’s pulp creation from the 1930s. John Milius directed 1982’s violent adaptation Conan The Barbarian with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the eponymous warrior.

Fredrik Malmberg, Boaz Davidson, Joe Gatta and Avi Lerner will produce the film.
Malmberg told reporters “We all want this movie to go into production as soon as possible. It’s a fast-tracked movie. Lionsgate felt the process was enhanced by having a second team come in and do a script.”

The producer likened the new Conan film to the revived Batman franchise, stating: “Fans expect [these types of movies] to be more true to the source material. There’s no reason there couldn’t be a Conan movie every two years. “He’s almost like Batman: He’s a dark hero. He’s a hard hero. He has to be badass, but we also have to like him.”