Competition Win the new Simpsons game

We have copies of the great new Simpsons game to give away… read on for more…

The Simpsons Game features a hilarious, sprawling, and mind-busting storyline crafted by the
TV show’s Emmy Award-winning writers. For this action-comedy, the full cast of voice actors
from the TV show and movie reprise their roles to lend the ultimate in authenticity and realism to
the game.

In The Simpsons Game, Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa use exciting, all-new powers to save
Springfield from rising chaos. To help the Simpsons, gamers must journey through their home
town (as well as vast worlds beyond!), vanquish an amazing array of villains, and fight their way through parodies of multiple popular games.

Platform Features
Nintendo Wii™ / PlayStation® 2 / PSP™ – Enjoy more than 6,000 lines of dialogue
and 16 chapters of hilarity in these popular platforms. Jump directly from The Simpsons House from one episode to the next, or into your saved game. On Nintendo Wii, use gestures
with the Wii Remote to unleash the Simpsons video game powers or play addictive
mini-games such as Bite Night and Bart Wings.

Nintendo DS™ – One of the most ambitious side scrolling action adventure games
containing a Springfield based hub with 12 episodes and over 2,000 lines of dialogue. Be
an action hero with Bart, a wreaking ball of destruction with Homer, and use the stylus to
solve puzzles and defeat enemies with Marge and Lisa. The Simpsons DS is packed with
features including lush environments sprawling across both screens, mini-games to unlock
and conquer, 4 single card multiplayer games to play, and even a stylus controlled Pet
Homer to love for your own.

To Enter
To enter this competition just text ‘Gimme Simpsons’ to 57800

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