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The Infiltrator is the riveting true-crime thriller about the most famous undercover operation of the 80’s in America’s War on Drugs. Oscar nominee Bryan Cranston delivers another awards worthy performance as federal agent Robert Mazur who in 1986 helped bring about the downfall of Colombia’s drug lords including Narcos Pablo Escobar.

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Confronted with the violent drug trafficking scene plaguing the nation in 1986, federal undercover agent ROBERT “BOB” MAZUR (Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Bryan Cranston) realizes the Medellín Cartel faces an enormous problem of its own: ruthless Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar and his vicious underlings are making so much money, they literally don’t know what to do with all the cash.

Family man by night, nerves-of-steel charmer by day, Mazur convinces his boss BONNI TISCHLER (Oscar nominee Amy Ryan) to follow the money instead of the drugs. Teamed with impulsive, streetwise undercover agent EMIR ABREU (Emmy winner John Leguizamo) and later with KATHY ERTZ  (Diane Kruger), a fast-thinking, beautiful rookie undercover agent who poses as his fiancé, Mazur constructs a high-risk David-and-Goliath sting named “Operation C-Chase.” To drive the investigation, Mazur poses as slick money-laundering businessman Bob Musella. 

Mazur, a mild-mannered former IRS accountant, creates his flashy alter ego and recruits street-tough mob enforcer DOMINIC (Joseph Gilgun), who has enough street cred to make Musella look legitimate. Abreu, going undercover with his shifty informant, sets up Mazur’s first Cartel meet by convincing lower-echelon money laundering criminals GONZALO MORA JR. (Rubén Ochandiano) and his father GONZALO MORA SR. (Simón Andreu) to grow their operation by doing business with his “boss.”

Secretly taping conversations with a covert recording device contained in his briefcase, Musella wins over the father-son team, then moves up another rung when he gains access to the Cartel’s elite. They include volatile Cartel money launderer JAVIER OSPINA (Yul Vazquez) and Pablo Escobar’s urbane lieutenant ROBERTO ALCAINO (Benjamin Bratt) along with his glamorous wife GLORIA (Elena Anaya). 

As he ascends the black money market power pyramid, Mazur walks a nervewracking tightrope, knowing that the smallest slip-up in his cover story could endanger him and his family. By the time Mazur/Musella penetrates the Cartel’s inner circle, his ability to compartmentalize private and professional identities begins to unravel. Immersed in the luxurious trappings of the Cartel underworld, Mazur/Musella becomes a trusted confidant of the world’s most dangerous and wanted men. Deep undercover in one of the world’s most vicious criminal organizations, Mazur faces a life-or-death question: can he remain faithful to himself when his charismatic creation Bob Musella threatens to takes over every last facet of his being?


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