Clooney the Lone Ranger

Clooney tipped to star opposite Depp in ‘The Lone Ranger’.

With Johnny Depp now confirmed to be playing Tonto in the upcoming ‘Lone Ranger’ movie, all eyes turn to the part of the Lone Ranger himself.

Now AICN claim to have some inside information that George Clooney is very interested in the role:

“Word as of now is that George Clooney has shown a lot of interest in the role of the Lone Ranger, and the studio’s been talking to him about it. Previously it was rumored that Nic Cage was up for the role, but that rumor died a long time ago. Clooney’s name has come up quite a number of times since.”

Adapted from George W. Trendle’s classic old-time radio and early television show of the same name, ‘Lone Ranger’ resolves around a masked Texas Ranger, who survived the deathly ambush by a gang of outlaws. Accompanied by his Native American assistant and white horse named Silver, he sets his sight to bring every outlaws in the Old West to justice. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ scribblers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio will pen the adaptation which is yet to have any release date

Would Clooney be a good choice for The Lone Ranger, or is there someone more suitable?