Christian Bale to star in new Terminator movie

Rumours are circulating the corridors of Hollywood that Christian Bale has been cast for the new Terminator trilogy. As we reported last week, McG (director of Charlies Angels) is tipped to make a brand new movie ‘Terminator Salvation’, that will reignite the Terminator movie franchise.

Aintitcool are reporting that the Batman star is to play the role of robot slayer John Connor, however CHUD are reporting that Bale might infact be playing the Terminator itself. Bale certainly has the bulk thanks to playing Batman for the last few years and now that Arnold Schwarzeneger has dropped out of the franchise, there are very few high profile actors that could step into this role. But Bale has fought for years to be taken as a serious actor, even his action films have very high production values, so for the moment, this rumour should be taken with a pinch of salt. We won’t believe anything until it’s officially announced, but it’s the most exciting piece of news about the new Terminator films so far.