Charlie Sheen For The Big Screen

In 1939, the King of Navarre and his three best friends swear an oath to give up women for three years whilst devoting themselves to the study of philosophy. One of the terms of their pledge specifically prohibits women from their presence, but the arrival of the Princess of France and her three beautiful attendants on a diplomatic visit throws the plan into disarray. Is this a feasible feat for a man of the court? And what of the King? The men begin to pursue their desires unbeknownst to each other, acting in secret and concealing their passions. The mood is broken by the news of the death of the Princess’s father and the girls return to France. In the meantime, France has fallen to the Nazis and the men must leave to fight for their countries. Before they leave, the heartbroken men dedicate their love and promise to remain faithful. The war will test the couples’ devotion and therefore decide the fate of their futures together.

Charlie Sheen is to return to the big screen, reports Bloody-Disgusting.  The actor has devoted much of his career television but now it seems he will take to the big screen in an untitled Horror film from the Saw team.


The film, formerly titled ‘Tortured’ will see a happy couple thrown into despair when their child is killed by a paedophile. But when the judicial system fails to help them, the couple take the matter into their own hands. Rob Lieberman will direct with a script by Marek Posival.


TIDBIT: Sheen accidentally shot then fiancée Kelly Preston in the arm. Soon after, she left him and married her formerly platonic friend John Travolta.