Cera still considering Arrested movie

Jason Bateman talks Michael Cera and the future of the Arrested Development movie

Michael Cera is still considering appearing in the forthcoming Arrested Development movie, according to his co-star Jason Bateman.

Reports suggest that the Superbad/Juno star is the only remaining actor holding out on the film version of the sitcom.

Jason Bateman, who played Cera’s on-screen dad, has insisted that the actor has not completely ruled out a return.

“I think Michael is clearly the guy that has come out of Arrested Development with a very big plate, so I think he’s trying to really give some responsible thought to what makes sense for him to do with his career. The guy is 20 years old and I’m sure he doesn’t want to screw up this opportunity.”

“I know he’s thinking about it. You’d
have to get [Michael] on the phone to get his answer about whether he’s
going to come back and do it or not. He’s certainly not said that he
won’t do it.